intelligent programmable solar lighting



The Solar Range offers high-quality, programmable solar lighting for commercial and private outdoor use. 

A major advantage of solar lighting is no requirement for electricity supply and associated installation, meaning the solar range can save more than 25% over lifetime costs of conventional electric lighting.  All solar range products are completely C0² neutral in service, helping to off-set your carbon contribution and reduce harmful greenhouse gases. What’s more, in-built programmable sensors can radically cut local light pollution. Our solar lights only light up when you need them. 

Designed, patented and manufactured by specialists, in the UK, each solar range product comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty. With zero running costs, outstanding environmental credential and a five-year warranty, it’s no wonder we consider the solar range the world’s most intelligent solar lighting.

Where would I use a solar range light? 

The Solar Range has a solar lighting product for almost every conceivable location, from paths to roads, car parks to school playgrounds, stations to quaysides, private gateways to entire housing developments.


The current solar range of high-quality solar lighting includes:



At 1m high, this solar bollard is ideal for pathways, playgrounds, cycle paths, car parks, gateways, quaysides and around designated public areas.


Made-to-measure, thesolarcase is a post-mounted illuminated information display case. It is ideal for sign lighting, bus stops, railway stations, cinemas, museums, or outside business premises.


A versatile illuminated outdoor bench


At 2m high, this solar street lamp post is a credible alternative to traditional street lighting. thesolarstreet is ideal for roads, car parks, housing developments, security lighting and commercial premises.


thesolareye is a solar LED cats’ eyes alternative. They can be used to light pathways, schools, cycle paths or for more general route marking and way-finding.


Coming to market January 2019


All solar range products are programmable, so they will work when you want them to, or when triggered by the in-built sensor.  

Further products are launching soon.


Zero energy costs and zero carbon emissions in service