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cutting edge solar technology superior quality & design

The solar range products combine ,cutting edge technology, superior quality & design. Delivering outstanding performance.

key benefits 

  • Zero energy costs and carbon emissions in service

  • Quick and easy installation with substantial savings on installation compared to hard-wired options

  • Dusk to dawn lighting even in demanding environments such as Northern European winters

  • Intelligent, interactive technology detects human traffic and increases illumination, then automatically powers down to a lower level to conserve energy when no movement is detected which also reduces light pollution

key features

  • Customised time settings to suit client requirements

  • 5 year battery life

  • 2 year warranty on all components

  • UK Patent No. GB2542927

  • On/off activation system for transit or storage

  • Superbly engineered with hidden fixings and IP68 protection rating

  • Customised finishes upon request to suit client specification

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