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With no cabling or electricity supply needed, the solar installation cost is low. The Solar Range makes installations very straightforward quicker and much cheaper than traditional electric lighting.

For a cost comparison example demonstrating how you can save money with thesolarrange compared standard electrical lighting see the examples below.

solar installation cost comparisons

solar powered vs conventional illuminated electric bollards

The solar installation cost of solarpost solar powered bollards was compared with that for electric a local authority in southern England, the solarposts offered a saving of approximately 25% or £762 per solarpost compared with £1,032 per electric bollard.

In a project completed for a local authority in Surrey, nine solarposts were supplied and installed. The authority looked at using conventional, electric bollards and compared the quoted costs for both. The solarpost bollards proved to be approximately 25% less to supply and install than the electric bollards, while offering comparable light level output. In addition, further savings are expected with zero energy costs for the solarposts bollards and little if any maintenance needed over at least a 10 year period.

solarpost is a new, solar powered bollard that is designed to provide illumination from dusk till dawn especially for walkways and cycle paths. It is suitable for use in any situation where a conventionally powered electrical bollard might be considered as well as many locations where an electrical bollard cannot be fitted due to access problems or lack of available power supply.

The cost of supply for the solarposts was approximately twice that for the electrical bollards, but this was more than recouped in the installation costs which were very considerably less for the solarposts.

total cost of installation price comparison

solar installation cost comparisons continued

solarposts were concreted into the ground surface using a sub-surface base plate. The electric bollards would have required trenching and cabling to provide a power supply to each bollard. The project was in an urban area so a power supply was readily accessible. However, the trenching would have required resurfacing and left a repair mark on the pathway as well as adding extra expense.

The solar installation cost cost of nine solarposts supplied and installed was £6858. The quoted cost for supply and installation of nine electric bollards was £9285 (including trenching, cabling and making good) representing a saving of nearly £2500 on just nine bollards, or just over 25%.

The solarpost bollards will provide further savings as they incur no energy costs to run taking all their power from the sun. They require minimal maintenance, the solarpost bulb is guaranteed for 10 years and there are no electrical connections or wiring that requires inspection providing a further saving on manpower.

The costs of installation of solarposts are essentially constant irrespective of location since once they are on site, all that is required is fixing into concrete.

Where access to a power supply, either mains or generator, is more challenging, the savings in installation costs for solarposts over electric bollards will be even greater. In cases where a power supply is not available, then solarpost bollards offer a means of providing illumination not otherwise possible.

solarpost total cost of ownership (tco) comparisons

solarpost 100 total cost of ownership (tco) comparisons

solarpost 200 total cost of ownership (tco) comparisons

solarpost 300 total cost of ownership (tco) comparisons

solarpost 400 total cost of ownership (tco) comparisons

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