solar lighting specification & costs

Here at the Solar Range we feel it is important to offer you as much information as we can in relation to our solar lighting specification & costs, including technical specifications, cost of ownership and pricing of our solar lights. This page routes you to separate pages that explain these elements in more detail. The solar lighting industry can be a complex sector so providing as much as possible in terms of our solar products is important to us

technical specs

Our technical specification page gives you some interesting information of our solar lighting products key benefits and features. It also allows you to download all our brochures for all our solar lighting products in a pdf format. You can download these files and print them off where appropriate.

total cost of ownership

Our solar lighting total cost of ownership page gives some concise information on cost comparisons against standard electrical fitted products against the fitting of solar lights. This information is mainly focussed around our unique and high-end solar bollard light. Its important for our customers to understand that although our products are expensive, they offer considerable savings on electrically wired products. There is a considerable amount of comprehensive information as well as comparison tables allowing you to review side by side pricing.

solar products pricing

Our solar pricing pages gives you detailed information on all our products and the reason they are costed at the levels they are. We do not sell cheap solar products! This is not our market. So if you want products that are high quality and last for years to come then look no further than the buying from the solar range. You will not be disappointed!

If you would like to know more about our offering, please visit our shop of products. We have options on site for you to purchase direct or submit a bespoke enquiry if your needs are more advanced.

solar lighting specification & costs

solar lighting specification & costs