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Solar Powered Overhead Light

High quality solar powered overhead light unit . ideal for poster cases, noticeboards, billboards, signage and retrofitting the product comes in 3 different sizes – 300mm 600mm and 1200mm and lights from dusk to dawn.

material – extruded aluminium anodized dark grey
lumens levels – 100-120 lumens per watt
led life 50000 hours
battery 3.7v – 3-5yrs life depending on location
light colour cool white 6000k
working temperature -25 to +65 c
warranty – 3yrs
standard sizes 300/600/1200mm

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 24 £126.00
25 - 49 10 % £113.40
50+ 20 % £100.80


sizes 300mm 600mm and 1200mm

extruded aluminium dark grey anodised

solar charging plus DC charging


dusk to dawn lighting –  5 hours brightness then dims to 20% until dawn

working temp -25 to +65c


beam angle 120 degrees

light colour 6000k cool white

option for warm white 2700k

lumens full brightness

300mm – 250lm

600mm – 500lm

1200mm x 1000lm

solar pv panel

300mm – 4.5w

600mm – 10w

1200mm – 20w

LED – 50000 hrs life

300mm – 5w

600mm – 10w

1200mm – 20w

Li-on battery

300mm 3.7v – 10400Ah

600mm 3.7v – 20800Ah

1200mm 3.7v – 36400Ah

Product codes

300mm  –  ELA-04A

600mm  –  ELS-04B

1200mm – ELS-04C


question: Does the light stay on all night even in winter months?

answer: Yes, the solar boom automatically activates at dusk for 5hrs then drops down to 20% brightness until dawn then automatically switches off.

question: Does the solar boom work all the year round in the UK?

answer: With latest battery technology the solar boom can light up all year round but because of the uk winters the solar boom is set to come on at dusk for 5hrs then reduce to 20% brightness until dawn when it will automatically switch off. However, we strongly recommend the product is located preferably in a south or westerly position to maximise energy. Its why we put lower-level light settings on after 5hrs brightness to cope with UK winters.

solarboom specifications

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