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Wrexham Town Centre Benches

Smart Benches Installation in Wrexham Town Centre

Located in the bustling heart of Wrexham, the new smart benches installation forms a key part of the council’s masterplan to enhance the town’s identity, visitor experience, and accessibility, while contributing to environmental sustainability.

the challenge

Wrexham’s town centre needed modern infrastructure that not only supported the community’s daily needs but also aligned with broader goals of environmental stewardship and improved public spaces. Traditional seating options were functional but limited in scope and sustainability.

the solution & installation

The chosen solution involved the deployment of smart benches equipped with various features including USB charging ports, Wi-Fi access, and built-in solar panels. This initiative was endorsed by Wrexham Council as a step towards revitalising the town centre. The installation was carefully planned and executed, with the benches being inspected and packed before delivery to ensure optimal functionality upon setup.

the benefits

The installation of smart benches in Wrexham town centre has brought several advantages:

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience: The benches provide residents and visitors with comfortable seating, charging facilities, and internet access, improving the functionality of public spaces.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Each bench is equipped with solar panels, which harness renewable energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional public infrastructure.
  • Improved Aesthetic Appeal: The modern design of the benches enhances the visual appeal of the town centre, contributing to a more inviting environment.
  • Support for Local Identity and Visitor Experience: The smart benches play a part in Wrexham’s broader goals to distinguish itself as a forward-thinking and welcoming town.

This project exemplifies Wrexham’s commitment to integrating technology with urban planning to foster a greener, more connected community. The successful implementation of these smart benches sets a precedent for future projects aimed at improving urban environments.