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Solar Lighting At Exeter school

Vranch House provides outpatient treatment for over 2000 children and young people. It has a day school that caters for children from 2-12 with severe physical disabilities. There is also a hydrotherapy pool and a new children’s assessment centre is under construction.

the challenge

There was a need to illuminate the pathway from the car park to the hydrotherapy pool for safety reasons and to make the area welcoming and easy to find.


vranch exeter school

the solution & installation

Four solarposts were installed in December 2016, it took less than a day to install them with very little disturbance to the landscaping or to the normal running of those working and visiting Vranch House.

Like all charities, Vranch House wants to use its resources to help those in its care, so solar power was a very attractive option for lighting the pathway. The cost of onthebrightside solarposts is only slightly higher than that of conventional lighting posts but when installation costs are taken into account, the solar powered option comes out very favourably. There is no need to connect to a power supply so there is no disturbance to the landscaping and no trenching and subsequent making good is needed.

The design of the solarpost was particularly important at Vranch House. The environment both inside and outside needs to be as supportive and inspiring as possible. A large modern sculpture showing a family group is a major feature of the lawn outside the hydrotherapy pool and it was important that the lighting fitted in well with its modern, clean lines.

the benefits

In addition, maintenance requirement are minimal and ongoing energy costs are zero.

“The Solarpost Bollards installed at Vranch House illuminate the path between the car park and the Hydrotherapy Pool. Apart from adding a much-noticed touch of high-tech pizzazz these remarkable devices automatically illuminate the space from dusk to dawn with a pool of light that grows larger as you get closer to them. They are easy to install, utterly reliable and require only the most simple maintenance. We recommend them without qualification.”

Colonel CG Wheeler, Chief Executive, Vranch House