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solar boom lighting up poster cases for network rail

In a quest for sustainable and efficient lighting solutions, Network Rail embraced the Solar Boom—an innovative overhead lighting unit powered entirely by solar energy. Available in three standard sizes (300mm, 600mm, and 1200mm), these solar-powered booms have become an integral part of Network Rail’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

the challenge

Network Rail faced the challenge of illuminating notices and timetables within poster cases at their stations while minimizing energy consumption and reducing light pollution during non-operational hours. Traditional lighting solutions were often inefficient, and the goal was to find a sustainable alternative that aligned with the organization’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

the solution & installation

The Solar Boom emerged as the ideal solution for Network Rail’s illumination needs. Network Rail specified these solar-powered booms to light up essential information in poster cases across their stations. The booms, available in various sizes, harness 100% solar energy, eliminating the need for traditional power sources and reducing the carbon footprint associated with station lighting.

Equipped with an intelligent sensor system, the Solar Booms maintain a low light level and automatically brighten upon approach. This not only enhances visibility for passengers but also contributes to energy efficiency by ensuring the lights are only at full brightness when needed.

the benefits

  • 100% Solar-Powered: The Solar Boom’s reliance on solar energy aligns with Network Rail’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy sources, reducing the stations’ environmental impact.
  • Intelligent Sensor System: The booms are equipped with sensors that regulate light levels, providing optimal illumination while conserving energy during periods of low activity.
  • Programmed Efficiency: The Solar Booms activate at dusk, providing illumination for four hours before automatically switching off. This programmed efficiency not only ensures energy savings but also reduces light pollution during non-operational hours.
  • Customizable Sizes: With three standard sizes (300mm, 600mm, and 1200mm), Network Rail can tailor the Solar Boom installations to suit the specific requirements of different stations.